Helping people to function optimally in a physical and mental sense, is my deepest aspiration. That’s why I became a human kinetic technologist and got involved in yoga education. And that’s why I am researching subjects like mnemonics, mindmapping, lifehacking, learning psychology, thinking methods, creativity and innovation skills.

Arjan Smeele

Of course I do realize there is more to life than body and mind. Heart and soul are equally important. Yet I believe that the mental and physical aspects of life are a good starting point. The more you learn to use both body and mind effectively, the more you’re able to deal better with the far more elusive social-emotional and spiritual issues in life.

On this website you can read articles about topics I find interesting and worthwile sharing. I also have two websites about yoga (one in Dutch, the other in English). If you are interested, you can find these websites here:

artreeyoga.nl (Dutch)
artreeyoga.com (English)

If you wish to get in touch with me, please feel free to use the contact form you’ll find on this website.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the articles!